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Brown Sign: Babcock State Park, WV

There is something enticing about a mountain stream. The water babbles, cascades, and falls over rocks and shelves, singing a rhythm and melody to enjoy while cooling off in the shade. The motion of the water flows around the solid … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Pipestem Resort State Park, WV

A few months ago, I ran an addiction recovery group, in which we had a long debate about whether I would wear a helmet while kayaking. The general topic had been finding leisure tasks to occupy free time without cracking … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: New River Gorge National River, WV

Prior to the last ice age in North America, a river is theorized to have flowed westward from what would become the Appalachian Mountains toward what would become the Mississippi River. It drained a vast watershed in regions now called … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Hawks Nest State Park, WV

I first recall the concept of “staycation” showing up in discussions and travel literature about a dozen years ago, after the 2008 financial crisis. The idea was that folks had vacation time, or were out of work, thus had time … Continue reading

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Poem: Dead Calm

Dead calm, the fog sits upon the harbor. No breath of wind other than That which forms as we exhale. Obscured is our view, our focus

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Poem: The Beached Tree

There was a tree That stood upon the shore Defiant against the waves Of winter storm And summer gale. For years, I walked Below high-tide, Combing the rocks And shells For treasures. I would pass The tree, gray-green With salt-tinted … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Urban Signs of Spring

Last weekend, we headed into Washington, D.C. to see a couple of plays at Arena Stage (reviews to follow).  Though we had not planned for another annual event, it happened to be Cherry Blossom Festival weekend too.  And, the cherry … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Lost River State Park, WV

A family friend’s son has come to the East Coast for college.  Having grown up in the western deserts, he was thrilled to see a four-season Fall this year.  We invited him to come out to our cabin in the Appalachian … Continue reading

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Poems: The Ocean in Every Shell

I have heard that with every step we take, we stir up the dust of dinosaurs decayed into their mineral compositions.

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Poem: Widely Scattered Showers

Widely scattereds showers, predicted in panoramic view across the bay forming pillars, five across, supporting the bridge of clouds that span the sky

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