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Poem: Anniversary Date

Tears of joy, Tears of sorrow, Memories of events passed, Thoughts of those to follow.

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Psalm: Pre-Emptive Strike

If what binds us In community is Our common interest, But this is lacking, What prevents you From killing me?

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Poem: Each Day

Each day at the beach, The tide turns Twice, high and low; The wind shifts From sea to shore; The waves break With news from deep. One morning our walk, On sand, shells, rocks, Pulls our collars Up to break … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Cyrano de Bergerac

Words are the medium of literature: poetry, novels, theatre. The stage company takes this medium to create the production in which we experience these words. Hearing the articulation and enunciation, with inflection for emphasis and pauses in which the hidden … Continue reading

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Poem: Painterly Poetry

The poet and the painter, etching memories with each one’s imagination. The poet uses brush strokes of words which Create images on paper. The painter describes a place and time Indescribable unless seen. The poet sees the ideas beyond the … Continue reading

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Poem: The Physics of A Wave

The mass of water moves mid-ocean, Not measured in meters of height or depth, but, volume — atom upon atom of H2O in solution with Na and Ca, Each pushing the other while pulled by Gravitational force of moon and … Continue reading

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Poem: Cottage Garden

The cottage needs no dye lot, for the flowers that Border its hem. The lilies stack bud over blooms In mid-summer shades. Or, open but for a day in yellow and orange, Fading in the evening shade. The sun reflects … Continue reading

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Poem: Against the Surf

A summer’s day at the beach: We face the sand and surf, rolling, in a variety of crystalline whites and marine blues, Each surface reflecting fragments of the other, In layers of sand, stone, building and cresting waves, Pastelled sky … Continue reading

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Poem: Shells Collecting, After the Storm

“So many shells on the beach — Unusual for summer” “The hurricane churned them up” We walked on past parallel Rows of high and low tide Deposits of sand, rocks and shells. The Bay’s cauldron had boiled over, With the … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Wit

In our information age, so much data is available that some are questioning our ability to be human.  Data overwhelms us, especially when some fields of inquiry can be transformed in as little as five years.  While web meetings, seminars, … Continue reading

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