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Poem: Widely Scattered Showers

Widely scattereds showers, predicted in panoramic view across the bay forming pillars, five across, supporting the bridge of clouds that span the sky Advertisements

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Poem: Rumors

Conversations that never happened, According to those who were not there.

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Poem: A Sporting Try

Why do some endure the trials of sport, While other stand by at the side-lines? I walk the shore, watching birds, Then see the surfers drift Where cormorants should be. The camera lens captures Waves building, then cresting, Rolling foaming … Continue reading

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Poem: Anniversary Date

Tears of joy, Tears of sorrow, Memories of events passed, Thoughts of those to follow.

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Psalm: Pre-Emptive Strike

If what binds us In community is Our common interest, But this is lacking, What prevents you From killing me?

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Poem: Traveling in the Age of ISIS

Sunrise over Georgetown, Name-sake of our founder, An image viewed from The Holiday Inn, Across the Potomac River. Industrial smoke stacks, persevered for architectural Interest and heritage, Rather than to exhaust The residue of capitalism.

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Poem: Each Day

Each day at the beach, The tide turns Twice, high and low; The wind shifts From sea to shore; The waves break With news from deep. One morning our walk, On sand, shells, rocks, Pulls our collars Up to break … Continue reading

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