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Poem: Dead Calm

Dead calm, the fog sits upon the harbor. No breath of wind other than That which forms as we exhale. Obscured is our view, our focus

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Poem: The Beached Tree

There was a tree That stood upon the shore Defiant against the waves Of winter storm And summer gale. For years, I walked Below high-tide, Combing the rocks And shells For treasures. I would pass The tree, gray-green With salt-tinted … Continue reading

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Poem: Graduation

Mid-tide water laps the shore, A mild breeze casts light waves Upon the deep-blue across the bay. The sky, cloudless, crosses, Horizon to horizon, dropping behind Distant edges of islands’ green trees. Silhouetted against those Ribbons of land, white sails … Continue reading

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Poem: Time(less)

Is time a line?

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Poem: Free Jazz

Free jazz: notes cascading from horns, cords striding across eighty-eight keys, while rhythms on drum kits beat. To the unaccustomed ear an explosion of unrelated sounds, each instrument contesting for center stage. But, are these musicians more than a congregation … Continue reading

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Poems: The Ocean in Every Shell

I have heard that with every step we take, we stir up the dust of dinosaurs decayed into their mineral compositions.

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Poem: Widely Scattered Showers

Widely scattereds showers, predicted in panoramic view across the bay forming pillars, five across, supporting the bridge of clouds that span the sky

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Poem: Rumors

Conversations that never happened, According to those who were not there.

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Poem: A Sporting Try

Why do some endure the trials of sport, While other stand by at the side-lines? I walk the shore, watching birds, Then see the surfers drift Where cormorants should be. The camera lens captures Waves building, then cresting, Rolling foaming … Continue reading

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Poem: Anniversary Date

Tears of joy, Tears of sorrow, Memories of events passed, Thoughts of those to follow.

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