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Intercepted Letter: 503(c) Charitable Corruption

Our local newspaper (weekly) has a variation on the Letter to the Editor.  This is called an “Intercepted Letter”.  These are letters which you send to someone, usually public officials or businesses, and CC to the newspaper for printing.  It … Continue reading

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LTTE: Helping Others or Self-Serving?

Readers,  if you have been following posts over the past couple of years, you know that our local rescue squad has been in trouble.  My latest Letter to the Editor (published in the Moorefield Examiner, April 9, 2014) addresses the … Continue reading

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Liberty’s Messy Business

Individual liberty and social justice become messy business when opposing belief systems present conflicts between two or more people.  Were we a homogynous society, guiding our lives by one understanding of truth, we would not have the conflict, but liberty … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Seeds in Winter

While walking after a winter storm, we came across these milkweed seed pods, still holding onto some seeds in January.  The dried pods, silky seeds, and fresh snow created an engaging image.  Milkweed are not plants that people usually add … Continue reading

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When Hell Freezes Over

With the current political climate, you could expect that someone might say nothing will move in Washington, D.C. until “hell freezes over”.  The President’s State of the Union address earlier this week ran out the same topics that have not … Continue reading

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LTTE: Federal Grants

Our region of the Appalachian Mountains is still, politically, New Deal Democrats.  While most citizens do not align with the current Democratic Party social agenda, the voting registration is still 2:1 Democrats to Republicans.  Part of the New Deal Democrat … Continue reading

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Are Our Parks National?

With our federal government beholden to the rigid politics of the Tea Party, many travelers have become aware that National Parks are not on the list of “essential services”.  I’ve chimed in on the politics of the budget antics on … Continue reading

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Wide World of Sports

If you read my blog regularly, you have observed that I do not write often about sports.  There are a variety of reasons for this, which I shall leave for exploring some day when I have writer’s block.  Two recent … Continue reading

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View from the Passenger’s Seat

In my work as an occupational therapist, I counsel and provide interventions for client’s who have experienced neurological events.  This could be strokes, head injuries, multiple sclerois, Parkison’s Disease, etc.  I also work with clients recovering from orthopedic injuries, such … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Liberty and Our Small Democracy

I questioned in my post, Sparrowhawk and Liberty, how we view Liberty today.  I asserted that many people are enslaved to their impulses or beliefs, rather than seeking Liberty.  This brings up another series of questions about how we govern … Continue reading

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