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As I have mentioned in this series of posts, one of my objectives for this trip to visit my parents was to be my mother’s transportation for the days that I was at home.   She had decided to stop … Continue reading

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Color, Blackwater Falls, WV

To continue on my themes of wildflowers and color, I had my camera along when we took a day hike at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.  The rhododendrons were opening.  We spent the morning hiking on one of … Continue reading

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Brown Signs: Accessible Walks near South Shore Lake Tahoe, CA

Vacationing at Lake Tahoe, we think of outdoor activities (yes, there are casinos a mile down the road, but that is not on our list).  Being in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, outdoors mostly means steep inclines.  The … Continue reading

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Brown Sign, Arlington National Cemetery

As I wrote about earlier, our motel in Rosslyn was near the Iwo Jima Memorial, which adjoins Arlington National Cemetary.  Thus, a walk to the former lead to a walk through the later.  We did this a couple of times … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Roosevelt Island, Rosslyn, VA

Quiz time.  Can anyone guide me to the monument to Theodore Roosevelt in Washington,  D.C.?  You can probably name, and find, at least the Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson monuments, with extra credit for George Mason.  Maybe the WWII, Korean, and … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Iwo Jima Memorial, Washington, D.C.

We are back in Washington, D.C. for a family event.  Our hotel this time was just blocks from the Iwo Jima Memorial next to Arlington Cemetary.  Though the winter cold snaps have been keeping the temperatures in the teens, we … Continue reading

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Are Our Parks National?

With our federal government beholden to the rigid politics of the Tea Party, many travelers have become aware that National Parks are not on the list of “essential services”.  I’ve chimed in on the politics of the budget antics on … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA

As you drive south on Highway 1, the mountains present a last series of cliffs from Gorda to Ragged Point.  Approaching San Simeon, the mountains pull back from the water, leaving a coastal plan and low bluffs.  Open beaches begin … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: A Morning at Point Lobos

The fog stayed ambivalent through the sunrise and breakfast.  One moment, the clouds would begin to consolidate, rise, and provide an opening to the sky. Then, again, it would spread and settle upon the valley’s ceiling, filtering the red and … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Shenandoah National Park, Hazel River Trail

During our courting days, Linda brought me out to Shenandoah National Park to stay at a cabin in Big Meadows.  We completed several loop hikes from the top of Skyline Drive, some in heavy downpours.  This is were we resolved … Continue reading

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