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From the Bookshelf: Tone, Twang, and Taste, a Guitar Memoir, by Pete Kennedy

The Washington, D.C./Baltimore, MD region is a great place for music.  Having previously lived there for about ten years, and living only a couple of hours away, we have enjoyed the talents of many local musicians and well known acts … Continue reading

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Poem: Free Jazz

Free jazz: notes cascading from horns, cords striding across eighty-eight keys, while rhythms on drum kits beat. To the unaccustomed ear an explosion of unrelated sounds, each instrument contesting for center stage. But, are these musicians more than a congregation … Continue reading

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BBC Music Cathedral Advent Calendar

The other day, I was looking for something on-line.  I Googled “Star Wars” and up came the Lego’s Star Wars Advent Calendar, on Amazon.com for $39.99.  Hmmm.  I checked with a 10 year-old boy whom I know is into Star … Continue reading

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Hands of Rhythm and Roots Festival, 2016

My cousin envisioned the music at the festival we attended this weekend.  Words and photographs convey some ideas, but not the sounds.  Unless one is a singer, all of this music comes from the musicians’ hands manipulating the instruments.  While … Continue reading

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2016 Rhythm and Roots Festival, Rhode Island, All the Color of the Blues

Six to mid-night of the first evening of the Rhythm and Roots Festival broke the Fun-Meter again.  The end of the summer season brings out the color from the stages, to the bands, to the vendors, to the crowd.  Today’s … Continue reading

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Building a Roman Church: The Chapter Room

Before we complete the interior of the church structure, with the altar, let us explore some of the areas of the church which are more behind the scenes or outside.  In this post we will discuss the Chapter Room.   … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Roots Festival, 2015

Summer music festivals have become staples of the sunny-season over the past few decades.  The grand-daddies of this style of musical event may have started back in 1934 with the Tanlgewood (classical) music festival.  The Newport Jazz Festival followed in … Continue reading

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