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Farm Life: Winter in Review

As Spring has spiked temperatures into the high 70’s before Easter, we shall conclude that no more winter storms are coming our way.  Time for Spring thunder showers.  Time to review the Fog in August predictions for winter 2016-17.

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An Nice Summer this Winter

In January we are out in shirt-sleeves hauling hay and manure from the goat barn.  In February we are weeding the garden from plants that should sprout in March.  The first week of March our apricot trees bloom.  Then 16F … Continue reading

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Farm Life: More Huglekultur

With our mild winter, we are weeding in February.  Unheard of!  We should be under half a foot of snow, or have ground frozen twice that deep.  Yes, we can haul off half a dozen or more wheelbarrows of weeds … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Winter Wood Cutting

Winter is the season to cut and split future winter’s wood for the wood stove.  The oak-hickory forest trees are dormant.  The trunks and branches have less sap, therefore less moisture in the fiber.  The leaves do not cause the … Continue reading

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Hidden Christmas

Some folks pack up the Christmas decorations the day after.  Others opt for New Years day, kind of like putting up a holiday hang-over.  We observe Epiphany-Twelfth Night, thus no need to rush the decorations away, especially the outdoor Nativity … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Hugelkultur, Part 2

Last week, we cleaned the goat barn, adding the second layer to our hill garden (hugelkultur).   A few wheel barrows of sifted compost capped the two hills that we have formed.  They are now just above knee-high.  One more … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Hugelkultur

Growing one’s own food is a continual process. Certainly, the season regulate what types of gardening activity one participates in.  But, so does learning and experimentation.  We started our gardens with pick-axes and shovels nearly 20 years ago.  We have … Continue reading

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