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Farm Life: A Room With A View

Homes change over time.  Our lives, interests, needs change over time.  We began building our cabin in West Virginia 25 years ago.  We took a couple of years to complete the preliminary projects: walls around the bathrooms, a basic kitchen, … Continue reading

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Farm Life: What to do with 13 Gourds (We did not plant)?

Every year, something which we did not plant sprouts and grows in our garden.  If we cannot identify it, we are tolerant to watch what it develops into.  Most of the time, these are squash of various sorts, zucchini to … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Farm Math, 2×3=9

Sorry, to my regular readers, that I have not been a regular writer recently.  Too much farm math to keep up with.Ohhhhhhhh! you groan, as you hoped that algebra was a bad horror movie from middle school, not something that … Continue reading

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Farm Life: A Little Greenhouse

For some years, the head garden designer here has wanted a greenhouse.  We have been starting seeds in windows in an east-side room.  But, this means dirt, etc. in the house.  A greenhouse would keep the garden implements and soil … Continue reading

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One Bulb Short

The worst Christmas decorating experience, other than ending up one string of bulbs short to finish decorating the tree, is finding that half of the last string is out.  One-by-one, I tested “good” bulbs in sockets until I found the … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Give

give: (v) to present voluntarily without expectation for compensation

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Farm Life: Storage Units

Most of us are hoarders to some degree.  Maybe we accumulate kitchen gadgets, clothes, tools, books, etc.  Regardless of the content, eventually we run out of space and start to store things in other rooms.  Here in the country, we … Continue reading

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