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Farm Life: First Cut

Now, I do wish to be clear that while working extra shifts at the hospital, we have had some time off.  With physical distancing, we have been keeping ourselves busy with preparing the garden, and wrapping up some winter projects.  … Continue reading

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92 Days of March

Some years ago, during one of his Lake Wobegon monologues, Garrison Keihler described March as God’s way of letting dry folks know what a hang-over is like.  This year I think we had a bender, stopped cold-turkey, and went into … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Time

In the country, we do not measure time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years as some never-beginning and never-ending line.  No, but by cycles.  Dawn-day-dust-night.  Phases of the moon.  Season.  Planting-weeding-harvesting-preserving. Rut-gestation-birth-survival-growth-death.  With time, and practice, we develop routines … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Fog in August, Winter Forecast for 2019-20

August 2019 had come and gone.  Time to give your the annual Fog in August report, and correlate this with the Hagers-Town Town and Contry Almanack forecast for Winter 2019-20. But first, let’s review how last Winter (2018-19) played out.

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From the Bookshelf: Twigs in my Hair, A Gardening Memoir, by Cynthia Reyes

A common Post-Enlightenment concept is that occupations have an art and science to them.  As a therapist, sometimes I approach an intervention from the science side, using the concept of evidence-based practice to guide the rehabilitation process.  Biological, neurological, or … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Buying a computer with 19 cup holders…

Living in the mountains, you need a fowl-weather vehicle.  Winter is coming (even though it may still be 80F) and we need to be ready.  The gardens are still giving harvest, and some sections are ready to clean up.  Wood … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Mirror, Mirror

Life is not a Disney movie.  Mirrors do not talk, except in our imagination.  But, imagination can sometimes start a sequence of events that makes for a good story.  Recently, I have been telling stories related to our Spring remodeling … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Acquiring Antiques

I grew up with the Protestant idea that God had a city built in heaven awaiting Christians.  Some of this belief came from scriptural references, such as John 14:2, “In my father’s house are many mansions… I go to prepare … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Room for Two Much Fun

If you caught the literary reference in the title for our remodeled guest room, A Room with a View, the 19th century novel by E. M. Foster (and if you stay in the room, you will notice lots of books … Continue reading

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Farm Life: A Room With A View

Homes change over time.  Our lives, interests, needs change over time.  We began building our cabin in West Virginia 25 years ago.  We took a couple of years to complete the preliminary projects: walls around the bathrooms, a basic kitchen, … Continue reading

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