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Farm Life: Spring is in the Air, and Winter 2020-21 Fog in August Wrap-Up

Spring, a time of renewal, beginnings, blooms, thawing out. In our part of the Appalachian Mountains, Spring arrived quickly, with 20F’s giving way to 70F’s in a few days. Now frost and sun dance, with days gaining in length. Time … Continue reading

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From the Bookshelf: Farming While Black, Leah Penniman

Let’s start with a quiz to establish essential knowledge and philosophy for reading Mrs. Penniman’s “Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land” “Food Apartheid” is: a) a system of organizing one’s garden, pantry, and menu plans b) a system of … Continue reading

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Farm Life: The Food Industrial Agricultural Complex

I will admit that I think of gardening in our culture as a solitary activity. For many households, this might be a solitary family unit, but more likely one member of the family who enjoys being outside, tending to some … Continue reading

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Farm Life: First Cut

Now, I do wish to be clear that while working extra shifts at the hospital, we have had some time off.  With physical distancing, we have been keeping ourselves busy with preparing the garden, and wrapping up some winter projects.  … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Time

In the country, we do not measure time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years as some never-beginning and never-ending line.  No, but by cycles.  Dawn-day-dust-night.  Phases of the moon.  Season.  Planting-weeding-harvesting-preserving. Rut-gestation-birth-survival-growth-death.  With time, and practice, we develop routines … Continue reading

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Farm Life: No Winter Report

I give up, April 1st, no joke.  Winter is not coming this year… Usually about now, we would be taking the plow off from the tractor and storing the snow shovels for summer.  We did that a month ago.  Last … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Dollar General Diner

The Mrs. has been away Christmas Market hopping this past week.  I have been left to tend to the cabin, critters, and my own meals.  Certainly the Mrs. offered to set up meal for me, but being a liberated-male, I … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Fog in August, Winter Forecast for 2019-20

August 2019 had come and gone.  Time to give your the annual Fog in August report, and correlate this with the Hagers-Town Town and Contry Almanack forecast for Winter 2019-20. But first, let’s review how last Winter (2018-19) played out.

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From the Bookshelf: Twigs in my Hair, A Gardening Memoir, by Cynthia Reyes

A common Post-Enlightenment concept is that occupations have an art and science to them.  As a therapist, sometimes I approach an intervention from the science side, using the concept of evidence-based practice to guide the rehabilitation process.  Biological, neurological, or … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Urban Signs of Spring

Last weekend, we headed into Washington, D.C. to see a couple of plays at Arena Stage (reviews to follow).  Though we had not planned for another annual event, it happened to be Cherry Blossom Festival weekend too.  And, the cherry … Continue reading

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