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Farm Life: A Little Greenhouse

For some years, the head garden designer here has wanted a greenhouse.  We have been starting seeds in windows in an east-side room.  But, this means dirt, etc. in the house.  A greenhouse would keep the garden implements and soil … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Native Gardens

I recently had a discussion with a fellow blogger about how we write around personal issues. Our generation does not often openly release posts about distressing events. We are more likely to write about pleasant activities. This is not to … Continue reading

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Farm Life: What to do with an Old, Rusted Water Trough?

As you know, we re-purpose anything we can.  A dozen years ago, we purchased a number of galvanized, 100 gallon water troughs to use a rain barrels under the down-spouts from our roof.  Metal rusts over time.  Then rust forms … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Supplimenting Health

During the summer months, we hire FFA students to help with garden chores, such as stacking wood, moving gravel, hauling away wheel barrows of weeds, mowing, etc. Recently, I asked this season’s helper to sift some compost before putting it … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Finding the Wild Life Outside the Wild Places

From my cousin’s inspiration, I have been more mindful on small walks around our forested home and gardens.  My regular readers have been enjoying the small discoveries of wild flowers, etc.  But, sometimes, we step outside our usual route and … Continue reading

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Poem: Empty Garden Seats

How picturesque the garden seats, benches and Adirondacks, placed in charming locations for walkers to smile at as they stroll through the neighborhood. But, why are they always empty? Have your even see them occupied, with a neighbor greeting you, … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Memorial Day Small Walk

Returning from our walk with the dogs, the Mrs. noticed a flower in bloom just above our lane.  It was in the forest about 20 feet from the road. It was only about a foot high and quite happy in … Continue reading

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