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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Hearing

hearing (v) the act of listening; (n) a meeting in which a members of a group or committee ask questions, listens to witnesses, and review information related to the topic of the meeting Advertisements

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Theatre Review: The Way of the World, by William Congreve

Last weekend, we traveled to the Blackfriar Theatre in Staunton, Virginia to see William Congreve’s Restoration Comedy, The Way of the World.  This is one of those satires on the elite class, who have nothing better to do that gamble … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alterntive Facts: Tool

tool: (n) implement used for a specific task, usually connoting allowing human force to be greater than that which bear hands can exert.

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Right and Responsibilities

right: (n) a privilege granted by a governing body or society responsibility: (n) a duty expected by a governing body or society

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Dept. of Alterantive Facts: Assault

assault: (n) a sudden violent attack; (v) to threaten bodily harm assault rifle: (n) a military weapon used in attack situations, usually with automatic firing capacity intended to threaten the enemy into retreat, or kill an enemy assault style weapon: … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Influence

influence: (n) the power to produce effects on others by intangible or indirect means

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Sin and Cynicism

Sin: (n) an evil act, usually connoting Christian theology related to good and evil Cynicism: (n) a belief that only selfishness motivates human action

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