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Great American Documents: The Mayflower Compact

Thanksgiving. Pilgrims. The Mayflower.  Elementary school history.  Even Charles Shultz created a Peanut’s TV show for Thanksgiving based on the Mayflower.  A few of facts that missed over the past 50 years of celebrating this group of colonists are that … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: One Night With Janis Joplin

A genre of theatre which we have seen developing over the past couple of decades is the concert-biography.  This is a mix of music and narrative about some performer.  Over the years, at Arena Stage, we have seen productions about … Continue reading

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Brown Signs: Around Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town hosts a number of tourist destinations.  We did not visit these all on one day, but for the sake of brevity, I shall write them into one post.  Cape Town is divided into different districts, each with a … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa

We awoke to dawn in Cape Town, watching the pink wisps of clouds signal the rising sun on the skyline of Table Mountain.  After many nights of rain on the eastern side of the country, we were ready for a … Continue reading

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Dinner in Cape Town, South Africa

In Cape Town, like most cosmopolitan cities, you can find just about any variety of ethnic foods establishment.  The main question to ask is “how spicy”.  Of course, having all this variety, after two weeks with selections limited to huge … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Fort Nongquayi Museum Village, Eshowe, South Africa

Before leaving Eshowe for the Drakensberg Mountains to the north, we stopped at the Fort Nogqayi Museum Village.  The fort was used by local military and police units.  Beside it is a church established by a Norwegian missionary.  In addition … Continue reading

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On Safari: Color

After two nights of rain, our day to leave from Hluhuluwe brought us a bright sunrise.  We drove down the mountains, crossing into the iMfolozi section of the park, on our way to Shakaland.  As we passed by meadows of … Continue reading

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Great American Documents: Executive Order 10730

A comment from the Vicar recently illustrated how slowly society progresses, regardless of government legislation and court rulings.  While the topic of that blog was about our energy consumption behavior, the Vicar’s example was about integration of African-Americans into economic, … Continue reading

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Shop Local: Cash Economy

Using credit cards has become too easy.  So has amassing debt.  Both occur insidiously, like dementia.  A couple of decades ago, I applied for a two credit cards for the purpose of establishing a credit history.  Out of college, paid … Continue reading

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Safari Planning: The Covenant and Joshua

A few years back, after a vacation in Ireland with Linda’s mother, we asked Emily, “Where do we go next?”.  She did not hesitant to suggest going on a safari.  Friends of hers had traveled to southern Africa, and the … Continue reading

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