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Theatre Review: Christmas Revels, 2013

For the past dozen or so years, we have made the Washington Revels part of our Christmas tradition.  We enjoy the community choir accompanied by a chore group of professional musicians from the region highlighted each year.  Some years the … Continue reading

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Re-Branding the Redskins

While I do not write often about sports, a conversation over the weekend brought up another issue regarding team names.  Apparently, a Native American group has a campaign going on to rename the Washington Redskins.  This brings up the possibility … Continue reading

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Living History: Colonial Williamsburg

I associate Colonial Williamsburg with the development of the Living History movement to present our colonial and early national heritage.  I shall not claim to have researched this movement, but my earliest memories of Colonial Williamsburg is from our family’s … Continue reading

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Farm Life: Liberty and Our Small Democracy

I questioned in my post, Sparrowhawk and Liberty, how we view Liberty today.  I asserted that many people are enslaved to their impulses or beliefs, rather than seeking Liberty.  This brings up another series of questions about how we govern … Continue reading

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Sparrowhawk and Liberty

I ended my reivew of Edward Cline’s Sparrowhawk novels with the line, Long Live Lady Liberty.  This was the rallying cry from the fictious novel, Hyperborea, as well as Jack Frake and Hugh Kenrick, the two men featured in the … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Good People

David Lindsay-Araire’s play, Good People, which recently opened at Arena Stage, asks the question, “How do good people appear to do bad things?”  If this is a question that worries your mind, Good People will raise a lot of other … Continue reading

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Pick Your Cliff, Part III: Spending

Okay, now that you have agreed to raise revenue and eliminate loopholes in the prior posts, you can start slashing the budget.  While some might claim that welfare cheats having 10 babies, undocumented immigrants using our ED system, et al. … Continue reading

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Pick Your Cliff, Part I: Revenue

For several months, our politicians and media have been warning that our society was at the edge of fiscal cliff.  With all the pushing and shoving for attention, we may have gone over the edge, regardless of 2 a.m. votes … Continue reading

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Charitable Count: December

Now a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good things must I do to get eternal life?” “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good.  If you … Continue reading

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Blogger’s Friendships

I have never been on Facebook.  When I heard people talk about FB “friends”, then “unfriending”, then “frienamies”, I wondered how social networking was changing our use of words as well as the actual concepts that we have about relationships.  … Continue reading

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