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From the Bookshelf: Hillbilly Elegy, A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, J. D. Vance

In my project of reading-books-I-already-have-then-moving-them-along, J. D. Vance’s memoir, Hillbilly Elegy, was next in the stack.  This came to me by way of my mother-in-law, whom I believe read it for her book club.  She then passed it on to … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: I must be So-Mantic

In January we decided to move closer to joining the 21st century by setting up a Roku for our TV screen.  We could now live-stream movies.  A year or so ago, The Mrs had set up an Amazon Prime account, … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Gated Communities

gated communities: (n) development building technique which features walls and gates to control entrance to community, provide security for residents and owners, and give a sense of superiority over the rest of society outside the gates; typically lived in by … Continue reading

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Brown Signs: Cusco, Peru, Textile Studios

  Weaving the past.  Weaving the future.

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Brown Sign: Lake Titicaca, Taquile Island, Peru

Dance to save an island’s culture

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From the Bookshelf: The World is Flat, and Requiem for the American Dream

Recently, my mother gave me a book to read, Noam Chomsky’s Requiem for the American Dream. Some years ago, she had given me Thomas L. Friedman’s The World is Flat, which I have neglected on my shelf as dust gathered. … Continue reading

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Brown Sign: Gaugauin to Picasso, at the Phillips Collection

In my last post, Traveling in the Age of ISIS, I made a reference to art of Impressionist to Modernists painters, and how their world, as ours, was shattered by world events.  While my thoughts were influenced by our holiday … Continue reading

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