Theatre Review: Shakespeare’s Sister

One of my readers noticed a similarity between a Shakespeare traveling group, The Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, whom she saw in her hinterland region some years ago and the Blackfriar Theatre ensemble of whom reviewed recently for their production of School for Scandal. Yes, these are related. The Express was a touring company started in 1988. In 1999, they rebranded as Shenandoah Shakespeare and settled in Stanton, VA.  In 2004, the Blackfriar Theatre opened, with resident company performing at the theatre and the touring company continuing its mission to perform at high schools, colleges, and communities which might not have stages. We moved within driving distance in 2003, appeasing our curiosity that inaugural season. Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Repeal and Replace

repeal (v) to formally revoke

replace (v) to provide a substitute Continue reading

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Theatre Review: School for Scandal

The pretense of the elite is always a good butt for a joke. In the 18th century, the theatre style Comedy of Manners, excelled at displaying the folly of those who has wealth enough to be fools. Richard Sheridan’s The School for Scandal, playing at the Blackfriar Theatre in Staunton, VA, outwitted the gentry in their desire to escape their boredom by generating scandals to amuse themselves. Continue reading

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Dept. of Alterantive Facts: Point of Agreement

agree (v): to conform in opinion Continue reading

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An Nice Summer this Winter

In January we are out in shirt-sleeves hauling hay and manure from the goat barn.  In February we are weeding the garden from plants that should sprout in March.  The first week of March our apricot trees bloom.  Then 16F nights freeze the water in the rain barrels, as well as all those potential apricots.  Now in mid-march, we have our first substantial snow storm of the winter, five inches by 5 a.m., six inches by 6 a.m. What shall we do, other than shovel out to the barn and plow the driveway? Continue reading

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Dept. of Alterantive Facts: Influence

Influence (n): the capacity to have an effect on someone Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Plays In a Period of Political Turmoil

Our political theatre is in high gear in the USA and world-wide. Oppressors and insurgents; Secular and Religious zealots; Globalists and Isolationists; Capitalist and Socialists; where is Solomon, Shakespeare, and Shaw when you need them? Recently, we had a theatre-weekend at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., seeing a new production, Roe, on Saturday, and a revival of Watch on the Rhine, on Sunday. Two plays written close to 80 years apart, which bring our history into context. Continue reading

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