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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Liability

Liability (n): being responsible for something, especially regarding law and finances

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Sleeping While White

to sleep (v) a state of unconscious rest Prologue: When I read the local papers court reports, I notice a trend in the pattern of arrests of many suspects: the police/sheriff notice some small infraction (break light is out, 5 … Continue reading

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The Window

Who is the that manin the window,Who rolls upin a wheelchair,Care-giver behind? We stand outside;he inside.The pane between us;masks concealingOur smiles,our whimpers. But, we wave,gesture hugs,Blow kissesto that manIn the window. Can he see us,through hisReflection fromthe inside? Can he … Continue reading

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92 Days of March

Some years ago, during one of his Lake Wobegon monologues, Garrison Keihler described March as God’s way of letting dry folks know what a hang-over is like.  This year I think we had a bender, stopped cold-turkey, and went into … Continue reading

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Growing up in a Baptist tradition, the Lenten season was no emphasized.  We were supposed to be deprived all the time, sinful nature and all, not just for 40 days per year.  Later, getting to know some friends who came … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Chaos

chaos: (n) a state of confusion, disarray, entropy

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Give Us This Day: A Year of Devotion

When I was in college, I had a friend who was into reincarnation, past lives, etc.  She told me that I was a Chines monk some centuries before.  Cool idea.  As I do not consider the past, nor the future, … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Power

power (n): a force sufficient to act on an object to create an effect or movement

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (n): traditional holiday in USA on which we contemplate what we are grateful for in our lives, usually followed by lots of food and family fun

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Kindling the Fires of Friendship

On my last day with my mother (sorry, readers, I wrote this a week ago, but have not been on-line since getting home…), she wanted to visit a college friend, who lives a few towns north toward San Francisco.  The … Continue reading

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