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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Health Risk Pools (aka, the Buzzard Bill)

Health Risk Pool (n) groups of people who share common health vulnerabilities; insurance classifications of disease processes which can be classified according to the degree of risk that the insurance company will face a loss of payments-to-premiums ratio

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Civics 101

Civics (n) the study of the duties and responsibilities of citizens

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Hidden Christmas

Some folks pack up the Christmas decorations the day after.  Others opt for New Years day, kind of like putting up a holiday hang-over.  We observe Epiphany-Twelfth Night, thus no need to rush the decorations away, especially the outdoor Nativity … Continue reading

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BBC Music Cathedral Advent Calendar

The other day, I was looking for something on-line.  I Googled “Star Wars” and up came the Lego’s Star Wars Advent Calendar, on for $39.99.  Hmmm.  I checked with a 10 year-old boy whom I know is into Star … Continue reading

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Theatre Reviews: King Lear, The Little Foxes, & Election 2016

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories.  Friends and foes.  Power, politics and rivalries.  Great stuff for theatre.  Not so desirable to live through.  An early conspiracy theory that emerged during the presidential primary cycles was that candidate Donald Trump was not really … Continue reading

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Going Home

Flying home to California this morning, the skies were clear and the sun at a good angle to take some photos.  We flew over our cabin, which I could more or less identifying by following the roads into the Appalachian … Continue reading

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Going Home

Flying home to California, the sky was clear.  The plane flew pretty much over our cabin in West Virginia. Home to home. My brother picked me up at the San Jose airport to take me to my parent’s house.   … Continue reading

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