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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Chaos

chaos: (n) a state of confusion, disarray, entropy

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Give Us This Day: A Year of Devotion

When I was in college, I had a friend who was into reincarnation, past lives, etc.  She told me that I was a Chines monk some centuries before.  Cool idea.  As I do not consider the past, nor the future, … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Power

power (n): a force sufficient to act on an object to create an effect or movement

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (n): traditional holiday in USA on which we contemplate what we are grateful for in our lives, usually followed by lots of food and family fun

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Kindling the Fires of Friendship

On my last day with my mother (sorry, readers, I wrote this a week ago, but have not been on-line since getting home…), she wanted to visit a college friend, who lives a few towns north toward San Francisco.  The … Continue reading

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As I have mentioned in this series of posts, one of my objectives for this trip to visit my parents was to be my mother’s transportation for the days that I was at home.   She had decided to stop … Continue reading

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Expiration Date

Everything has an ending these days.  By the folklore of computer technology (e.g. built in obsolescence, 18 month life span, etc.) this computer has lived several lives since we purchased it for our trip to South Africa in 2012.  I noticed … Continue reading

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