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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Fixing, Fixin’s

Fixing (v), correcting an error Fixin’s (rural idiom, southern USA), side dishes for a meal Advertisements

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Absurd

absurd: (adj) contrary to  all reason or common sense; laughably foolish

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Cost of Doing Business

Cost of Doing Business:  all expenses related to establishing a corporation, producing the product or service, disposing of any waste products related to the business, and fulfilling contract obligations

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Dept. of Alterntiave Facts: Crumbs

Crumb (n) a small, broken-off particle of bread, cake, etc.

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Bleeding Hearts

For the past six-months, my blog has hosted a banner photo from the Women’s March held in January in Washington, D.C.  I have run this series of Dept. of Alternative Facts, highlighting political questions and modeling a means of challenging … Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Learn to Learn

To learn (v): to acquire knowledge or skill; to become informed

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Solving a Crisis of One’s Own Making

crisis (n) a turning point for better or worse

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