Poem: Dad Had A Good Life

Born, as he was,
in the depression
and the world at war,
he grew up without,
and learned to make do.

Family, friends, neighbors
make communities,
and were the focus
of his life,
as a background
of stability 
and security.

He came of age
in the era of American
prosperity and aspiration.  
Education and career
provided for his wife
of sixty-plus years,
and children, who
in turn learned to learn,
and took the prosperity
and aspiration
to another generation.

He found Jesus,
forming his faith,
on old-time, simple
No complicated
theology.  Believe, 
testify, do good.
“Blessed Assurance”
and “When the Role
is Called Up Yonder”
were as much 
joyful noise 
as he needed.

The third pillar
of his adult life 
was finances,
the bread and butter
of providing
for family and
the church.

Had I not known,
I might of thought
that Dow Jones
was his beer-drinking,
poker-playing buddy.

But, beer 
was not plentiful
in our household,
though Freecell
and Hearts would
be his passions
up to the end.

While Total Control Charlie
may have been his
college nick-name,
and such his life
may have appeared to be,
his stayed family life,
and stock-market picks
had one over-riding


Any family event
was his top priority.
For all the world
travels that he and Mom
did, his objective
was to visit with
someone whom 
he knew.

In his last years,
my visits were more
about going to his
Men’s prayer breakfasts
than any tourist destination.

While I might not
view his accumulation
of wealth as enjoyed 
in this life,
he was generous,
putting up numerous
people who were
between situations,
purchasing them
vehicles, helping
funding education,
and finding jobs.

The mission
of every generation
should be to
hold on to 
and build upon
the best of those
who come before us.

Some years ago
my brother and I
mused on our
legacy from our father.
Loyalty was the trait
which we both found
that we have
inherited from Dad.

Maybe our families
are a little less traditional,
and our spiritual quests
pursued on different paths,
and our appreciation
of money a little
more fluid,
but were are in essence
our father’s sons.

Dad had a good life

Charlie Louis Larson, December 6, 1931 – December 14, 2020

About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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10 Responses to Poem: Dad Had A Good Life

  1. Chet says:

    A lovely tribute Oscar.

  2. tnkburdett says:

    Well said

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  3. Brother Dave says:


  4. Brother Dave says:


  5. Margaret Marshall says:

    You nailed it Kenneth Oscar! Your Dad was all of those things and always very very kind. I loved that he tutored in Ravenswood schools with a conviction that all kids could learn math! Our political differences never interfered with our very long friendship Love to all of the family.

  6. Lavinia Ross says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to your father, Oscar. May he rest in peace.

  7. Hi Oscar,
    I thought I had posted a comment here when I first read this beautiful tribute to your dad. I don’t see it here now.
    I just want to say that this is so beautiful. You dad sounds like he was an amazing man that raised amazing men. He would be so happy and proud reading this.
    Blessings! ♥♥

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