From the Bookshelf: Myrtle and the Big Mistake, by Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange

Wednesday, I took a vehicle to the dealership to get some service done. While waiting, I got to watch (only half way as I was reading too) two episodes of Law and Order on the lounge TV. I have never seen this program, and shall not seek out more episodes. Basically, some murder/sexual assault starts out the plot. The detective team starts interviewing people, catches some other bad people, and eventually finds the really bad people, who end up in court and prison. Some of the good people turn out to be bad people. Some bad people are victims of other bad people, but they happen to be the one that pulled the trigger, we might say.

I’ll stick to my farming magazine next time.

Thursday, a suspicious package arrived in our mail box. It was an Amazon Fulfillment Center padded envelop addressed to me. Hmmmm. Our account is the Mrs. name, so I never get Amazon packages. Being Christmas time, I thought that maybe someone ordered something and sent it directly as a gift.

Once, home, I broke the seal to find my author friend’s latests Myrtle the Purple Turtle Series book, Myrtle and the Big Mistake! I guess Cynthia knew that I needed some holiday cheer after this year’s series of events (and non-events).

No spoilers here. Myrtle and friends are playing some games. Something happens. Someone mistakes what happened. Other animals around the pond treat one of Myrtle’s friends badly. In the end, things get sorted out.

So many stories, children or adult, end up being basic morality plays. Bad people do something. They get caught. They get punished. Law and Order.

But, Cynthia and Lauren, do the story justice. For justice is not just catching bad people. Justice is making the situation right. And, this is what Myrtle and her friends do. They help the offending bird understand what was done wrong. Apologizies go beyond sentiments. The bird recognizes the mistake. They go together and tell the other animals what actually happened.

This story is about forgiveness. And, more importantly, as Myrtle has done in the other books, the story gives the reader an example of how to forgive and correct the error. This is justice.

Cynthia has a gift for making people feel special. Every child needs that, both when wronged and when offending others.

Looking over the details, I noticed that publication date for the book was 01 December 2020. I got my copy on 03 December 2020. Wow, thanks Cynthia.

After a year of dodging Covid-19, and two episode of Law and Order the day before, I needed to feel special.

Hmmm. I know of a six year old boy who is having a birthday this weekend. I think that I can get my copy wrapped up in time for his special day. I know where is to get another copy. If you know any children, let them feel special by getting a copy and reading it with them.

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4 Responses to From the Bookshelf: Myrtle and the Big Mistake, by Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    This is a wonderful review of Myrtle and the Big Mistake, Oscar!

  2. Lovely review! I have given the Myrtle books to a couple of young friends, and the books always hit the mark. A much-needed series in these polarized times.

  3. Wow. Just seeing this, Oscar! You can tell my December was crazy. As usual, you get straight to the heart of a story. I’m so glad you zeroed in on the theme of forgiveness. Lauren and I think it’s not too early for children to learn that human beings make mistakes, and that it’s important to acknowledge, correct, and forgive/be forgiven. Thank you very much for both reading and mentioning Myrtle.

    • hermitsdoor says:

      A theme we need to spend more time contemplating these days. I have not been on the Internet much recently either. Glad my round-about review set well. Happy New Year.

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