Naughty or Nice? The Who’s Keeping Track?

You know the tune… “He knows when you are sleeping/He knows when you’re awake/He knows whose been good or bad….”.  Santa Claus keeps the list of naughty & nice kids.  Of course, St. Peter at the Pearly Gates has a similar accounting book.  Or maybe, Jesus at the Last Judgment.  Take your pick, someone seems to be checking in us… but are we waiting to die for someone be following our every move?

So, the other day, driving home from work, I had XM Radio on Classic Rock Rewind station (XM Radio came as a trial on our new vehicle).  A song from The Who was played, followed by the commentator mentioning that The Who had a new CD out… after 50 years of being a band.

Now, my brother has been a fan of The Who, so the next day while chatting on the phone, I asked if he had heard the new album.  He said that the had been their San Francisco concert a couple of months ago and they said that an album would be coming out.  But, no he did not have it yet.

A few hours later, Amazon sent me an e-mail that The Who had a new album out… They thought that I might be interested.

Hmmm, coincidence?  Or is some digital, artificial intelligence data mining machine putting 1+1+1= $x?

So who’s checking its list?  Does XM Radio notice when I’m on and what I’m listening to, and during the hours-long commute home the playlist included X, Y, Z songs, along with the commentator mentioning The Who’s new album?  Of course, Amazon knows that  I have lots of CD’s in  my wish list (though mostly classical and jazz genres, not rock).  Or was AT&T on my end, or my brother’s cell phone service, picking up on certain words from our conversation to put together The Who’s new CD was the common theme from the past 48 hours?

I better watch out, Santa Claus may be coming to town, but I expect the Terminator Drone and Storm Trooper Clones will be charging up the mountain any moment to force me to put my credit card number in, to order the new The Who CD.

That begs other questions.  In that same conversation my brother told an amusing story about participating in a community clean up of a forested stream area near him.  He came across a s-x d-ll and a bunch of beer bottles.  He bagged them up as trash.  Hmmm, am I going to start getting Amazon notices for -d-lt t-ys?  Well, that would stuff someones stockings?!  I better tell the Mrs. before Amazon creates an embarrassing situation.

I wonder what WordPress does with all these words.  But, let’s just say that half way through composing this post, I remembered to set up my categories and tags.  The first tag offered was “music”.  Naughty or Nice, someone’s got your list.

About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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4 Responses to Naughty or Nice? The Who’s Keeping Track?

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Chuckles…..Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Oh, you better watch out! Here’s a little something from the Boss.

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