Farm Life: Mirror, Mirror

Life is not a Disney movie.  Mirrors do not talk, except in our imagination.  But, imagination can sometimes start a sequence of events that makes for a good story.  Recently, I have been telling stories related to our Spring remodeling projects.  How did this all start?  A mirror.

At the climax of our remodeling was our 25th wedding anniversary, our Silver anniversary.  Being a hopeless Romantic (though not as affected as a 19th century Romantic), I wanted to come up with some silver gift for my wife.  Jewelry is not of great functional value here in the country.  We have a silver goblet that my parents gave us as a wedding present.  Ooooh, that means polishing.  But, what is a mirror’s reflective surface?  Silver (probably not technically anymore, but remember this is a hopeless Romantic writing, so suspend your metallurgy impulses and go along with the sentiment).

We have an artist friend, Meg Romero.  She has painted a number of miniature paintings of skies for us over the years, first from a relative’s wedding and second from our trip to Italy. In an earlier period of her creative work, she designed and built serendipitous furniture for room decorations.  One of the pieces that she made were Mirror, Mirrors.  She had moved off from this business, but mentioned a couple of years ago that she had one mirror frame unfinished.

Last July, I spoke with her about the possibility of completing that mirror as our 25th anniversary present.

During the winter, she visited our home to observe our layout, potential locations for the mirror, and other decorations that we had.  Her visit sparked our impulse to clean out the Procrastination Room and begin our guest room remodeling projects.  After spotting several possible places for the mirror, we decided that the section of wall, just off the kitchen and leading up to what would become the Two Much Fun room and A Room with a View, has the best distance for a full-length mirror and light.

Meg returned to her studio to work on the frame while we removed a wall, hot-tub, futon couches, former bed frames, and boxes of “stuff”.  Her Mirror, Mirror was ready for delivery the weekend after our anniversary.

Upon delivery of the mirror, placing it against the wall, without having viewed the rooms, she stated that she had repainted the frame several times trying to get the colors just right.  She joked about “channeling” the energy from our cabin to do this.  We all looked that the colors.

Without knowledge that we had painted one room blue/turquoise and the other clay/lavender, she had picked out blue/turquoise for the mirror’s lintel and earthy reds for the side posts.  Ooooooh, is the hair on the back of neck tingling?

I took a few minutes to locate the studs in the wall and mount sturdy hooks.  Ah!

Mirror, Mirror who’s got the coolest mirror on the wall?

P.S. No more excuses for mismatched outfits, shoes, jewelry, or wispy hair.

About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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7 Responses to Farm Life: Mirror, Mirror

  1. Mirror, mirror, surely you’ve got the coolest mirror around. What a beauty and what a lovely anniversary present. Finally, happy, happy!

  2. The Vicar says:

    What a wonderful artistic piece that connects with all of your updates and organizing in an amazing way. To my mind that’s no coincidence. 😉

  3. KerryCan says:

    This does read like a Disney movie, with a very happy ending!

  4. Obviously YOU do! Enjoy the lovely mirror.

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