Farm Life: A Room With A View

Homes change over time.  Our lives, interests, needs change over time.  We began building our cabin in West Virginia 25 years ago.  We took a couple of years to complete the preliminary projects: walls around the bathrooms, a basic kitchen, floors, etc.  We moved here 15 years ago, with another round of projects to finish the kitchen cabinets, establish a master bedroom, etc.  Our original plans anticipated having enough rooms and beds for family visits, as few motels or other lodging exist nearby.  We had a Spa Room built around a hot-tub, wanting to relax after a day of mountain activity.

The nephews and nieces have grown up.  Family visits consist of smaller groups.  The hot-tub lost its luster.  Our friends are older and prefer more comfortable spaces as guests.  Time for some remodeling.

Now, you may wonder why I have not been posting blogs recently.  It is not for a lack of topics to write about… we attended at least half-a-dozen plays that I did not review… But, a lack of time to write.

This began as a project to clear wall space for an addition to the home (this is actually a different story, of which I shall share later).  This required moving a bookshelf.  As we were in the middle of a very cold winter — too cold for us to want to go outside — we began cleaning.

We had a room which we called “The Procrastination Room”.  You know, that room where you put boxes of stuff to get to later… the Christmas decorations that you forgot to put in the garage… the birthday gifts that you will send off later in the year… the extra blankets and quilts that guests will want on a cold winter night… the piles of loose photos that you brought back home from a visit with the parents….

Weeks later, The Procrastination Room was empty.  Then there was the decommissioned Spa Room.  This had become storage for pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and hanging baskets to put back on the deck in Spring, and laundry racks.  Then there was the “workroom” downstairs.  This was intended as a sewing and craft room.  It had filled up with projects to do in winter.  But, these projects seems to get further back behind boxes of stuff that we intended to donate to Goodwill.

A month or more of sorting, donating, cleaning opened up these spaces, and moved that original bookshelf to another location.  How to reuse these open spaces.  Fortunately, one of our neighbors has a remodeling business.  Time for a consultation.

A few weeks later, as Spring rains enticed the remodeling crew to seek indoor work, the wall between the former Procrastination Room and Spa Room came down (it was not weight-bearing). This created one larger room with panoramic windows over-looking the gardens, thus, A Room With A View.

Next, the old hot tub had to be cut into pieces to haul away, as it was too large to get out the door, passed the wood stove, through the kitchen, down the hallway, and out the front door.  We did reserve the bottom piece for a new pond for the ducks.

The doorway between the Spa Room and bathroom turned into a linen closet for the bathroom and bookshelf for A Room With A View.

As drywall went up, we began to haunt the hardware store paint section, getting a variety of sample colors to try out.  With consultation from our contractor’s wife, who has an eye for color and design, we settled on two blue tones to paint on different walls and a ceiling section.

The paint was drying a couple of days before two family visits were scheduled in May.  I cut the wood for the bookshelf, but reserved that for the weekend after they left.  A few days later, book sorting resumed to fill up the shelves.

I’ll write about the furniture acquisition later.


Meanwhile, we are taking reservations,… for the 2019 season.


About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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9 Responses to Farm Life: A Room With A View

  1. Such a lot of work and rubble goes into all those tidy photos. Good for you two! Everything looks wonderful and so comfy. And I think I have a matching old-bottle collection 🙂

  2. margaret marshall says:

    All looks very welcoming! Your Mom and I should get on a train and come East to check it out! We leave tomorrow for Ontario to visit CA Girls State at Claremont College to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. Sine we went in 1950 we may be the oldest guests! Love to you and Linda. mm

  3. Mother Suzanna says:

    It’s beautiful! The bookcase with Grandpa’s painting hanging in the middle really is a nice touch. Such good use of space! Hope you document the other two rooms. It really is a major change and homes need that every now and then.

  4. KerryCan says:

    What a huge job–but what a great outcome! Wow–you almost inspire me . . .

  5. The Vicar says:

    Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures. I really captures the transformation. I think you both have grasped the need for adjusting to different seasons of life and are doing amazing things to make your once “cabin” into a great space for years to come. As someone that has enjoyed the “room with a view” recently, I’ll say “there is nothing like waking up with the morning sun”.

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