Farm Life: Farmer’s Day Out… Flower Market

We have been busy getting ready for Spring planting, remodeling, and upcoming family visits.  But, even farmers need a day off now and then.  We took the first Saturday of May off to head to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. for “Cathedral Days, All Hallows Guid, Flower Mart”.

This is more than a bus-man’s holiday of taking the day off to purchase more stuff to plant in the garden.  Yes, we did come home with a bag of flowers, several ceramic pots to fill, and more ideas that give us reasons to dig in the dirt.

But there were also clothes vendors, body products booths, hats, mirrors, crafts and fine arts of all types.  And, when you needed to rest your feet, there were ample benches to occupy while you watched the people passing by (who, no doubt, were out to watch you as they strolled by.)  There were also lots of dogs.

If you liked music, dance, and a variety of cultures, you could listen to blue grass music, see Indian, flamingo, or Bulgarian dance groups.  At the end of the day the Washington Revels paraded up the central aisle of the cathedral with May Day songs, costumes, dance and joviality.

For the strong of legs and curious of minds, you could take the Tower Climb.  Yes, three spiral stair cases of 330 steps up into the central bell tower.  Your first stop was on the roof above the altar.  The next stop was in the carillon chamber.  Your final rest was to watch the bell ringers demonstrate how they operate the series of bells in various sequences.

Then you descend another series of stairs, exiting into a balcony in the transept of the church.  Time for ice cream.  Oh, did I mention the food vendor?

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Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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7 Responses to Farm Life: Farmer’s Day Out… Flower Market

  1. Laurie Graves says:

    What a day! Long ago, I visited the National Cathedral. Such a beautiful place! And that fair sounds wonderful.

  2. What a nice visit 🙂 …Did you say remodel?????

  3. KerryCan says:

    Oh, wow! Did you climb the steps and see the bells?

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