Dept. of Alternative Facts: Influence

influence: (n) the power to produce effects on others by intangible or indirect means

boycott the NRA.  Do I really need to give more background, either to a decade of mass shooting with assault rifle, the lack of legislation since Congress let the assault riffle ban expire, quietly in 2004, and the 4.1 million that the NRA had contributed to congressional elections since 1998?

Here are the questions I posed to my 2 senators and 1 representative.  I even gave them the answer to question 1:

Senator Shelly Moore Capaito: $29,850 from 2002 to 2015

Senator Joe Manchin: $9,450 in from 2010 to 2012

Representative Alex Mooney: $7,950 from 2014 to 2018

Do you know who is influencing your senators and representatives?

Three questions:

1) Did you accept direct support (campaign funds) or indirect support (endorsement) from the National Riffle Association (NRA) during your election campaigns?

2) If so, do you believe this NRA support influences your decision about how to uphold the Second Amendment as well as safety of citizens against those who misuse guns?

3) If you believe that you should make decision independent from the influence from organizations like the NRA, will you pledge to not accept direct or indirect support from such organizations in the future elections?

About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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4 Responses to Dept. of Alternative Facts: Influence

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Wow. Those are such hefty sums. It is disgusting.

    • hermitsdoor says:

      I believe the sums are actually relatively small (one side or the other of $10k) in comparison to campaigns that generate hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Yet, the “brand” carries a lot of weight because of the implication that “we can sink you”.

  2. Laurie Graves says:

    Excellent questions! When will the tide turn on this, I wonder?

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