Presidential Election: Way Too Long!

As we come out from the presidential election cycle, I think that we are all as weary as the candidates.  Two years have passed since the Republicans began sending up trial balloons and courting potential candidates, and Democrats began positioning for a re-election campaign.  A year has passed since the first Republican debates gave us a long pre-primary candidate exposure, and the administration wrung its hands over the collapse of the Super Committee.  The year began with various smaller states tripping over each other to hold their primary elections and caucuses before other states.  Both Romney and Obama were actively giving campaign speeches, and SuperPAC were spewing toxic, negative adds, well before the party conventions.  In my opinion our presidential campaign cycles have become way too long.

To be direct, I propose a different timeline.  The two weeks of party conventions, followed by two months of campaigning are quite sufficient for voters to view the candidates and make a decision.  Well that was easy.

The real problem is the way-too-long primary season.  I propose to truncate this into June and July.  No jockeying for position or campaigning should occur the year before the election.  January to June of a presidential election year could be used by prospective candidates to start lining up support, forming their local and state organizations, and filing with each state’s election commission.  June 1st would be the opening of campaigning season in preparation for four regional primary dates.

To eliminate having states setting their primary dates ahead of other states, hoping to gain some influence, the country would be grouped into four regions, including both metropolitan and rural areas into each region.  These four regions would hold their primary elections or caucuses on each Tuesday, starting with the last week of June, then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays in July, leading up to the party conventions.  No elections would be held on the 1st week of July, to allow us to enjoy the 4th of July holiday, and maybe contemplate the reasons for that holiday.  The candidates could participate in up to four debates, one held the Thursday the before each of the primary dates.  The four primary regions would be rotated on a 16-year cycle, such that each region would have the first dates once every fourth election.  By holding primary elections regionally, candidate could consolidate their travel to each region in one week, rather than running from Iowa to Florida, et al in the same day.

Six months to pull together an organization, two months for the primary election season, two weeks of party conventions, and ten weeks for the candidates to campaign is plenty of time for the voters to make up their minds.  Okay folks, we have three years to pass legislation in 50 states to get everyone on board.


About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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7 Responses to Presidential Election: Way Too Long!

  1. The Vicar says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t think of anything I heard about the candidates two years ago that was cleared up by all those speeches, debates, and ads. It seems that as our attention spans grow shorter, the election cycle grows longer (conspiracy theorist arise).

    I guess this means I need to wait 3 years to nominate the Hermit as a candidate.

  2. Mother Suzanna says:

    I think you are on to something with your Primary, Convention, General election scheme. Where do I vote? and OF COURSE, Hillary in RUNNING NOW! Didn’t she just resign her Cabinet post? Four lovely years to be in our face.

    • hermitsdoor says:

      I suspect my common sense approach will be lost as my father’s years of common sense advise. At least, with blogging, I shall not have to rely on the whims of the newspapers’ editorial staff to put my message out 🙂

  3. hermitsdoor says:

    Reblogged this on hermitsdoor and commented:

    Super Tuesdays is past. Candidates trying to attract votes from Georgia to Massechussets to Alasaka, against geographical odds. And, we still have five-plus months until we get to the party conventions… This election season is still Way Too Long. I thought that I would cry-out in the wilderness again with this post, which I put our nearly four years ago.

  4. Mother Suzanne says:

    Second Time Around: Nothings changed, but “scary” has been added. Is the “American System about to come apart?

    • hermitsdoor says:

      I doubt the whole system will come apart… but the Republican party may. My speculation is that the Trump phenomenon (independent minded, autocratic, anarchistic) is an extension of the disruption of the Tea Party movement. Then, there are the waves of conflict when one generation passes on and the next has different approaches to governance.

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