Walks in RI: Conanicut Island

Trips to visit Linda’s family in Rhode Island always include walks.  I have written about some of these from past trips (see links below).  One place that holds many miles of walks in just across the bay on Conanicut Island, often referred to at Jamestown.  A walk, which is not really a walk, but a string of places along one of the north-south roads on the island, that we have never fit into the agenda before is from the restored Jamestown Windmill to Round Swamp.

The walk is probably not much more than half a mile each way, but historic buildings, several slow-food farms, and lots of birding await walkers.  Unfortunately, the road is not really set up for walking, so be careful as you walk the tight-rope route between the vehicles whizzing by, bicyclist traveling quickly down the hill, and the poison ivy reaching out from the stone walls.  For safety, walk on the side of the road that allows you to face traffic, even though this may require crossing over when traffic is clear.  Other than that, stroll from place to place.

From the mainland or Newport, take Rt 138, crossing either the Jamestown Bridge or Newport Bridge respectively.  Find the exit for North Road.  Travel south for a mile or so.  You will pass the Jamestown Windmill first, then turn left onto the road in front of the Quaker Meeting House.  Find parking under the trees.   Explore the Conanicut Friends Meeting House, then turn right to back track to the windmill.  Both are 18th century structures worthy of New England heritage.  Just beyond the windmill is a glass blowing craft workshop.  On either side of the road are three local farms, which sell seasonal vegetables and meet products (Watson Farm, Hodgkiss Farms, Windmist Farms).

Backtrack downhill, past the Meeting House, to the Audubon’s Marsh Meadows (guess the old map reference to Round Swamp did not have good brand appeal).  This is a tidal marsh with ever changing images as the tides glide with the moon and the birds drift low in search of fish.  We happen to visit at high tide in the middle of the morning.  I am sure that we could return a hundred times to find a hundred different lighting and nature effects.

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