Blogger’s Awards

Over the past year that I have been blogging, I have noticed other bloggers receive “awards”.  These have titles such as, The Versatile Blogger’s Award or The Inspiring Blogger’s Award.  There is of course, the grand prize from to be Freshly Pressed, which means that one of your blogs is put up on the home page of, and will be there for a day or so, along with a dozen or so other blogs, until the blog scrolls into the range of past blogs.  To me these awards seemed somewhere between an ice-breaker activity, where bloggers get to share some factiods about themselves while meeting some other bloggers, and marketing strategies to “increase traffic”.  Then came the Sunshine Award… 

Yes, I have been “nominated” by Momma E for a Sunshine Award.

But, first a quick review of how these awards work.  These awards are somewhat like a chain-letter.  Someone creates one and nominates several people, who then pass the award on to others who nominate another group of people.  The nominator adds links to each of the nominated blogs, thereby giving readers an opportunity to explore other blogs, which they might then follow.  These awards are informal, with no governing body to review blogs based on some list of criteria.  I will take them as a fun activity, rather than anything serious, meriting any qualifications other than the reader’s choice.

The second characteristic of a blogging award is a list of questions.  One style of blogging appears to be lists, sometimes bucket lists, sometimes random lists.  Being one who tends to write run-on sentences and overly inclusive paragraphs, with excessive number of clauses, complete with qualifying adjectives and excessively used adverbs, not to mentions a few gerunds, moving the line of reasoning along, I tend not to write in lists.  But this is the style.

So, the other day, Momma E informed me that she had received the Sunshine Award, and had placed me on her nominating list.  Thanks Mom.  So, let me join the game, though I shall take is more like a game of Scattegories, or maybe Name That Tune.

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass lt along to ten people and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite color – “Paint It Black” (Rolling Stones).  At an early age I realized the irony that black is the combinations of all colors, when mixing pigments (well, really dark brown, but let’s not split hairs for a blogging award), but also the absence of all light. Thus, my favorite color is all color and none. Quiet a Zen concept.

Favorite number – “One is the loneliest number” (Three Dog Night)  Being a hermit, I enjoy time alone.  Good thing my wife does too.  We can sometimes go a whole weekend hardly talking, just being. Funny that a song about one and two was written by the group with the number three in the name.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink – “Java Jive” (Manhattan Transfer) –  Cold: Water, from our well, sweet without chlorine taste.
Hot: Early Grey tea, with sugar and milk, preferable in England, Scotland, or Ireland on a foggy day, with family or a good book, preferably the Book of Kells.

Facebook or Twitter – “Getting To Know You” (Rogers & Hammerstein, from The King and I).  We do not own a cell phone.  I have never sent nor received a text.  I prefer face-to-face communication.  If my face is in a book, I’m reading it. Please do not disrupt my train of thought.

My Passion – “Plant a radish, get a radish…” (Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, from The Fantastics).  When I get dementia, just give me a shovel, put me in the garden, and close the gate.  Send meals, snacks and water.  I won’t wander away.

Getting or giving presents – “I’m Gonna Getcha” (Blondie, maybe, I have not been able to track this one down, but I remember it being a mindless punk song from the early ’80’s)  Sometimes I wonder how much giving and getting are the same.  Ever receive a gift that seemed more appealing to the giver?

Favorite pattern – “Storms of Life” (Randy Travis).  I think of patterns in terms of behaviors that we do to our benefit or demise.  “I’m going to stop my wandering ways…”  When we come to a realization of these patterns, we have the possibility of making them choices verses fate.  Well, at least that is premise of my job of helping others realize their patterns.

Favorite day of the week – “Monday, Monday” (Mommas and Pappas).  Some years ago, we shifted our work weeks to cover Saturdays at our respective health care facilities. Thus, Monday was a day off.  The days of the week became irrelevant, other than work vs not-work days.  Now, we work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, so we really have days off, plus Monday-Friday, twice per week.  I stopped wearing a wrist watch quiet a few years ago to.  Don’t count on me to answer the “orientation to time question” on the Mini-Mental Status Exam.  I am likely to go off on the philosophical premises behind time concepts in western culture.

Favorite flower
– “Rose In Paradise”  (Waylon Jennings).  Our friend, Drew, who sings classic country music likes to look at us when he sings this song.  I have not decided whether I’m the banker or the gardener.  I know who the Rose is Paradise is though.  Hopefully our garden will have a happier ending than the song.

Shine A Light Awards

Well that is probably more detailed trivia than you care to know.  Now to my nominations.  First, as I noticed that this award has the year 2011 in it.  As I asserted earlier these awards are arbitrarily devised, therefore, I shall unilaterally change this from The Sunshine Award (a bit too cheery for a hermit), to the Shine A Light Award (Rolling Stones, from Exile on Mainstreet album).  Also, each of the following bloggers tends to shine a light on specific aspects of life, which is why I enjoy following their blogs.

First and Second would be my cousin and sister-in-law whom I referred to in my first blog, The Door Opens.  Unfortunately, they are doing other creative activities at this time, thus their blogs are silent.  Oh, well.

Third, Views from the Hill, a commentary to follow this political season, with excellent analysis and fact checking on the candidates.  Maybe this guy should become a Super PAC and make buckets of money with his writing

Fourth, Magnet for Foolishness, a LOL (is that textease for “laugh out loud”?) romp through modern silliness.  Hers was the first Freshly Pressed blog that I checked on.

Fourth, A Work in Progress, the self-proclaimed Stay at Home Dude writing about whatever catches his fancy.  We are about the same age, so he stories often parallel mine (except for the hermit thing).  He has been a bit heavy on social networking gizmos recently, as he is exploring FB and Twitter, but I shall wait for him to get these under his belt and back to stories.  I found him from reading responses to Magnet for Foolishness… starting to see how the web weaves?

Fifth, Sara On The Go, chronicles the activity of a young woman, who has ambition.  One of the ways that you learn about other blogs is when they find you and subscribe to your blog.  As a courtesy, I check on those blogs, some of which I drop by regularly.  Sometimes I wonder what about a middle aged guy living on the side of the mountain would appeal to more youthful and urban writers.  But, then I would have been that blogger 30 years ago, if Al Gore had invented the internet a couple of decades earlier.

Sixth, The Better Man Project, is another youthful spotlight on ambition.  This young man must have more energy or hours in the day than I have ever known.  How else could her write this much every day!  I do not always agree with how he focuses his energy (muscles for the sake of muscles?), but maybe he can drop by some day and help the Vicar move wood and rocks for me.  Just kidding.

Seventh, Everywhere Once, packed up their middle class job marbles and have been on the road for a couple of years.  This is not some independently-wealthy life of leisure.  These folks give some really practical advise on how to live on the road, as well as some cautions about nomadic life.

Eighth, Stories, Lies, and Biker Dives, in case you enjoy day-trips, motorcycle rides, or live in Southern CA, check out this lady’s blog.  Don’t lit the biker attire draw conclusions for you.

Nineth, Tiny Farm and Garden, offers lots of tips, insights, and delights for gardeners.  Could I possibly not include a gardening blog on my list?

Tenth, I’ll leave this spot open for many other blogs that I check on and will highlight when another award come along. One reservation I have about awards is how those who do not receive them perceive their absence.

Okay, fellow bloggers, Tag – You’re It!


About hermitsdoor

Up here in the mountains, we have a saying, "You can't get there from here", which really means "We wouldn't go the trouble to do that". Another concept is that "If you don't know, we ain't telling." For the rest, you'll have to read between the lines.
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15 Responses to Blogger’s Awards

  1. The Vicar says:

    Who has time to blog? I spend way too much time reading your ubiquitous blogs (and responding) to even think about blogging. I guess I’m what you’d call an old fashioned, one blog at a time, kinda guy. Or as my daughter says, “a dinosaur”.

    • hermitsdoor says:

      Blogging is an interesting culture, somewhere between you dinosaurs, in your books, and my nephews who are too busy with their texts and tweets to read something as long-winded as what I write. Ha, ha. More blogs on blogging are cued up for future posts. But, I shall hold those for another day, to give you more time to read your book.

  2. Momma E. says:

    Nicely put! I couldn’t figure out how to change the 2011 to 2012, glad you changed it up, and are having some fun with it!

    • hermitsdoor says:

      I tried to import the image of from your blog, but it kept changing into a question mark on mine. Another one of those things that does not come automatically to someone over 50!

      • Momma E. says:

        i kept trying to delete and change the text date, could not figure it out. I did figure out how to add text to a photo using photoshop….. After alot of teeth gnashing

  3. Thanks for this “Shine A Light” Award, Oscar. I especially like that picture!

    • hermitsdoor says:

      You are welcome. As I was working over the draft, I decided that I needed a photo. I got out the camera, thinking that I would go outside on such a bright Saturday to get a photo of the sun. Then I noticed the illumination of the sun through the window hitting the floor and silhouetting a sun decoration. Snap, crop on iPhoto and rotate.

  4. Barneysday says:

    Thanks for the nomination and kind words. Now you’ve raised the standards I’ve got to try to meet and live up to!!! I barely can open the top of my Apple and IPad to read what’s going on, so quite amused about your descriptions of how you got a picture into your blog. I have about 1700 photos on my computer, and not a clue about how to manage them. Now they, and a similar number of songs have appeared on the iPad, thru something called a cloud (clear here all day) and again, not a clue how to manage them.

    I’ll begin working on the responses to the award.

    Thanks again

    • hermitsdoor says:

      No hurry. Quality work as always.

      I do not know about iTunes, as I still like those round things that fit into a slot. I really like iPhoto. With my brother-in-law’s help, I have figure out how to create libraries for each year, and folders for each event, in the year. We like the photo albums that we can generate on the computer, then have printed. The rest of the icons on the bottom of my screen, no clue what they do.

  5. mj monaghan says:

    Congrats on your award, Oscar. Well-deserved my hilltop friend! I have enjoyed reading your blog and your vast knowledge on so many topics – from theater to septic tanks!!

    And thank you so much for the nomination! You are too kind. Love the photo, BTW!

    • hermitsdoor says:

      Maybe there is a Renaissance Blogger’s Award out there somewhere. But, I need more time to read other blogs before I can nominate anyone else. I’ll be alternating between arts and gardening for the next few weeks.

  6. Copious Gasser says:

    Oh my…. congrats, I think. I wrote a bit about these types of awards yesterday. It’s at:

  7. Pingback: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! | Magnet for Foolishness®

    • hermitsdoor says:

      Thanks. Quip tip (assuming your read this in the near future), go see Arena Stage’s musical, Smokey Joe’s Cafe. E. Faye Butler is amazing: Ruth Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Ella Fitzgerald in one singer. I could die happy. The rest of the company are right up there too, and the band is literally center stage. I do come out of the back-hollows for a good show.

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