From the Bookshelf: Of Human Bondage, by W. Somerset Maugham

Since Christmas, I have had a dilemma.  As I mentioned earlier, I purchased the 11 volume set of history books by Will and Arial Durant, The Story of Civilization.  My concern is how to fit them onto our already over-supplied bookshelves.  Currently, they dwell on top of one of the temporary sets of shelves (on the project list for replacement with something more presentable, though it has functioned quiet well on that project list for 20 years).  Thus, my plan is to start reading books which I consider “one more time in my life” reads.  Thus, Of Human Bondage seemed like a good place to start. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Appleseeds

The apple tree, which some have requested to see, is just a bit over from the redbud tree, which I wrote about recently.  It began blooming a few days after the redbud.  We had two other apple trees and a couple of crab apple trees, which died off from various insect infestations.  This apple tree had two other cousins (e.g. from seeds from the same variety of apples), one of which has struggled along and is about half the size. Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Health Risk Pools (aka, the Buzzard Bill)

Health Risk Pool (n) groups of people who share common health vulnerabilities; insurance classifications of disease processes which can be classified according to the degree of risk that the insurance company will face a loss of payments-to-premiums ratio Continue reading

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Farm Life: Redbud

Gardens can be an annual event… if you want to re-seed and replant every year.  That’s fine for the pots on our deck, which add color and delight for the season.  For longer ranging garden beds, you can build up biennial and perennial plants that come back year after year, with occasional dividing and spreading about (your yard and as many neighbors as you can play plant-tag with).   Continue reading

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Theatre Review: The Fair Maid of the Exchange

We like to make events out of premiers. The opening weekend of movies, we track how many millions of dollars of revenue they bring in (compared to how many hundreds of millions they required to produce). When a world or national premier of a play occurs, we like to catch the first run before the original cast moves on to other roles. What would you call a premier of a play which has not been staged since 1607?  The Blackfriar Theatre has produced the American Premier of Thomas Heywood’s The Fair Maid of the Exchange, and probably the only known production of the pay in the past 400 years. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Winter in Review

As Spring has spiked temperatures into the high 70’s before Easter, we shall conclude that no more winter storms are coming our way.  Time for Spring thunder showers.  Time to review the Fog in August predictions for winter 2016-17. Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Solving a Crisis of One’s Own Making

crisis (n) a turning point for better or worse Continue reading

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