Theatre Review: Revisiting Classical Theatre

In today’s arts and entertainment markets, theatres distinguish them by specializing in different eras and styles of productions. In the Washington, D.C. region Arena Stage is the flagship of American drama, with additional niches in plays about politics and African-American themes. The Shakespeare Theatre revives the classics from Greek drama to Shakespeare’s canon, to Victorian satire such as Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw, and angst driven Southern Gothic (Tennessee Williams) and New England Puritanism (Eugene O’Neil). Studio Theatre produces avante-guarde and gay theatre. Wooly Mammoth pushes the envelop as it’s name implies. An additional genre is new plays which revisit classic plays, either through referencing or setting the plot and characters into contemporary situations. Continue reading

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Theatre Review: The Originalist

P1020415History: Place, Events, Ideas, People. We study these as individual threads of understanding. We weave them back together in a sequence to see the patterns that emerge. But, in so doing, we are looking to the past. Possibly, the images that we view give us guidance for today. Theatre is full of history. Greek tragedies and epics cautioned the viewers about the excesses of ambition and the suffering of perseverance. Shakespeare, Johnson, and Marlow cast royalty and rift-raft into lineages of succession while battling for the crown. Contemporary plays fit Martin Luther King, Jr, and Paul Robeson into the pantheon of historic figures. Is is possible to write a history play when history is being made? Continue reading

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Roman Holiday: Tourist, Traveler, Pilgrim

IMG_3835During our recent explorations of Naples and Rome, we saw many sights. We archived over two thousand photographs, from which we selected a few hundred to remind us of our days. But, even these only glimpse the experiences we had during these days. These will be catalyst for stories that we will relay to family and friends. While touring with our guide, Pina, in the Naples region, she made an observation, that visitors come as “tourist” or “travelers”. I would add “pilgrims” to the continuum. Continue reading

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Roman Holiday: All Roads Lead To…


Airplane, car, tram, bus, train… home.

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Roman Holiday: Shopping


Souvenier shops to street vendors… “Costa?”

P1010762 P1020032

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Roman Holiday: Gardens


April in Paris? No, Roman Spring.

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Roman Holiday: Churches

P1010849 P1010861 P1010868 P1010929

Church every corner…

P1010702 P1010743 IMG_4184 P1010776 P1010785

Mass every hour.

P1010799 P1010803 P1010829 P1010830

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