Winter Forcast, 2015-16

P1030891The Autumnal Equinox passed us last week.  During that week, we have had overcast to rainy sky every day.  Four inches of rain fell one day, then three more a couple of days later.  Mist kept us inside for most of the weekend.  Fall may be here, but Winter will be following quickly.  Watch the garden, birds, and critters to see the forecast. Continue reading

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Poem: Each Day

Each day at the beach,P1030812
The tide turns
Twice, high and low;
The wind shifts
From sea to shore;
The waves break
With news from deep.

One morning our walk,
On sand, shells, rocks,
Pulls our collars
Up to break stiff
Wind from the north,
Which assaults for faces
As we walk up.P1030874

The next sunrises;
The front pushes
The water, with wind
And tidal surges,
Now from the south,
Warming our faces,
Threatening burn.

Then, a calm day glows;
The water nearly
A mirror at dawn;
Clear water laps at
The shore, havingP1030819
Deposited piles
Of cold seaweed.

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Rhythm and Roots Festival, 2015

P1030712Summer music festivals have become staples of the sunny-season over the past few decades.  The grand-daddies of this style of musical event may have started back in 1934 with the Tanlgewood (classical) music festival.  The Newport Jazz Festival followed in 1954, then the Newport Folk Festival in 1959.    Now, hundreds of music festivals run from Spring to Fall Equinoxes, dozens in every genre of music.  For Labor Day weekend, we have travelled to Ninigrit State Park in Rhode Island for the Rhythm and Roots Festival. Continue reading

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Social Hermits

Hermits are supposed to be reclusive.  Thus, my blog is inherently paradoxical.  Just to add to the irony, I have added Instagram to my not-so-social-media hermit behavior.  You can now link to that in the lower part of the right-hand column of this page.  Well, hermits are not supposed to be verbose either, which if you have been reading his blog, you know my favorite form of literature is the multiple-clause, run-on sentence, with phrase-after-phase of embedded concepts, convoluted logic, and occasional pithy wit.  My Instagram is just photos.  Hermits do not like folks looking at them, so my Instagram images are anti-selfie.  You might see an ear, or hand, or foot, or maybe me standing behind some large sunflower, but you will not see my wide-angle, distorted face, looking bug-eyed at you with crowds of adoring friends chowing down on plates of food.  And, as the concept of Instagram is that what you see I must want to know about, I beg the question, “If I Can’t See It, Does It Exist”?  Philosopher in images.  Enjoy.

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The Ride: Fifteen Seconds, Three Barrels

P1030639At the rodeo, the women compete in the Barrel Race.  They guide their horses through a clover leaf pattern around three barrels.  Sprinting and tight turn make the difference between 14, 15, and 16 second runs.  Toppling a barrel gives a five second penalty.  These photo follow the course of one rider.  The final photo is a different rider.  I experimented with one of my camera settings for panning.  I liked the sense of movement of the horse and the concentration of the rider.  Don’t look around the crowd.  You might miss the whole run. Continue reading

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The Ride: Eight Seconds, No Bull

P1030533Ausgust is time for the annual Bulls and Barrels Rodeo in our area.  This year several of the bull riders made full rides of 8 seconds to be ranked in the competition.  Go along for the ride.  I’m staying behind the rail. Continue reading

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LTTE: Is It Reasonable?

Letter to the Editor

A variety of commentaries in recent issues of the Moorefield Examiner have given us readers plenty to ponder: cows in streams, septic systems, fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, health care, privacy, and eating habits. What has caught my attention in these articles and editorials was the opinion that most people do not consider many of these issue as important, and an a lack of trust toward authorities proposing some action regardless of the content of that proposal. Continue reading

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