Farm Life: Walking Small to Enjoy the Labor

My cousin recently posted some photos from a small walk she took around her garden.  I took a few minutes between mowing, weeding, and hauling stuff around to take a few photos of our May flowers.  Irises, peonies, daisies, and dianthus are bringing white to pink to red colors to our gardens.  Be careful of those cozy seats though.  The double Adirondack is about to have its bottom rot out.  The metal patio chair had peony blooms grow through it’s back.  Enjoy. Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Introspection on Three Plays

The theatre season has come to an end this Spring. So many shows, so little time to write about them. Thus, with three un-reviewed play programs stationed at my writing spot, I contemplated what they had in common. Intelligence, A Raisin in the Sun, and Smart People rounded out Arena Stage’s 2016-17 season. Each brought an experience, which I often have when attending a play, or reading literature: the personal introspection of the theme of the play to my own life experience. While stories may have the effect of transporting us to places and situations which we do not experience regularly, they may also have the effect of illuminating our memories. Now, does the phenomenon fulfill the Greek drama concept of catharsis? Continue reading

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Farm Life: Japanese Maple Tree

You all have been enjoying reading about my tree seedling planting.  I thought of one more.  In the morning, the light brightly illuminates a Japanese Maple which I planted more than 25 years ago, after we first purchased our lot and before we built our cabin.  The seedling was one I found growing in the edge of dirt around the apartment building at which I lived in Jackson Heights, Queen, NYC.   Continue reading

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From the Bookshelf: Stories of My Childhood?

After completing the 20 year quest for adulthood in Of Human Bondage, I noticed two small paperback books on my bookshelf.  These were books with titles which I remembered from my childhood.  Those should be good once-more-read selections, though being 200 page paperbacks from the mid-1960’s they would not free up space on my bookshelf.  Thus, I began reading The Greyhound, by Helen Griffith, and Gentle Ben, by Walt Morey.  My childhood must be a bit foggy, for other than recognizing the covers, I could not recall either story-line.  Maybe these were from my brother’s childhood. Continue reading

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Farm Life: A Bouquet for Cindy

“April showers, bring May flowers”.  We are having an extraordinary years for Spring garden color this year.  Ample rain, alternating with 70F to 80F days certainly turns the Appalachian Mountains into a hot-house.  Or, as I said to the Mrs. at the end of the day yesterday, “Nice August day, huh?” referring the 85F+ temperatures with 95% humidity and thunder showers earlier in the day and threatening (I grilled dinner at lunch time, anticipating the usual downpour just about the time I would light the grill for dinner).  April is just about gone.  One of my regular readers, Cindy, asked about seeing some of the flowers in the garden.  Here’s her Spring bouquet.  Cheers from our hollow to yours. Continue reading

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Farm Life: All Hands on Deck

Spring has been rushing into Summer quickly this year.  interspersed with those “April Showers” have been 70F to 80F days.  In addition to setting up the gardens for planting, we have been getting the deck ready for Summers meals.  This has taken several steps over as many weekends. Continue reading

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From the Bookshelf: Of Human Bondage, by W. Somerset Maugham

Since Christmas, I have had a dilemma.  As I mentioned earlier, I purchased the 11 volume set of history books by Will and Arial Durant, The Story of Civilization.  My concern is how to fit them onto our already over-supplied bookshelves.  Currently, they dwell on top of one of the temporary sets of shelves (on the project list for replacement with something more presentable, though it has functioned quiet well on that project list for 20 years).  Thus, my plan is to start reading books which I consider “one more time in my life” reads.  Thus, Of Human Bondage seemed like a good place to start. Continue reading

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