Building a Roman Church, More Ceilings and Floors

P1010874I had not planned to have a post specifically on church ceilings and floors, but my Cuz in CA made a comment about how the white columns of San Pietro in Vincoli highlighted the ceiling fresco.  Here are more images of this and other ceilings and floors we came up on our pilgrimage in Rome. Continue reading

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Building a Roman Church, The Nave


San Giovanni in Laterno

The entrance to most Roman churches is from the portico.  There may be a central door, or pairs of side doors.  Many entrances, whether central or to the side, will allow you to step into an enclosed foyer that separates the light, sound, and air temperature from outside.  Central entrance foyers have right and left side doors, to allow the flow of people to go in to the right, and exit from the left.  If the central door is closed, use the right side door to enter and left side door to exit (though it will be to the right from inside).  Stop inside for a few moments to allow your eyes to adjust from the bright, outside ambient light, to the darker interior light.  Before you is the nave of the church. Continue reading

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Building a Roman Church, Facade and Portico

P1010452Now that we have the context for how Roman/Greek temples and homes became the structural foundation for Roman churches, let approach some churches.  Before we enter, we see the facade and step between the columns that define the portico.  The image to the left is what we usually think of for a Roman church.  In this case, we are looking at the facade of Basilica of St. Maria Maggorie.  You can see the central entrance line with columns, the inward curve on the second level (the loggia), topped with statues and campanile (bell tower).  However this facade was not added to the basilica until the 18th century. Continue reading

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Theatre Review: Destiny of Desire

P1030892Is it possible to write a new play? I recall a friend, who was taking a creative writing class some years ago, saying that there are 13 story-lines that make up all of Western literature. I can not say that I ever tried to figure out what they were, but I suspect that we all know those story-lines. Hebrew scriptures, Greek and Roman epic poems, Elizabethan theatre, Romantic novels, early radio dramas, TV soap operas and sit-coms retell the same plots that we all know: babies swapped in the hospital, brothers and sisters separated in childhood who unknowingly meet in adulthood, lovers who are not whom they present themselves to be, the rich and poor, etc. Put all those together into a two-and-a-half hour play for Karen Zacarias’s world-premier of Destiny of Desire at Arena Stage.  Continue reading

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Winter Forcast, 2015-16

P1030891The Autumnal Equinox passed us last week.  During that week, we have had overcast to rainy sky every day.  Four inches of rain fell one day, then three more a couple of days later.  Mist kept us inside for most of the weekend.  Fall may be here, but Winter will be following quickly.  Watch the garden, birds, and critters to see the forecast. Continue reading

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Poem: Each Day

Each day at the beach,P1030812
The tide turns
Twice, high and low;
The wind shifts
From sea to shore;
The waves break
With news from deep.

One morning our walk,
On sand, shells, rocks,
Pulls our collars
Up to break stiff
Wind from the north,
Which assaults for faces
As we walk up.P1030874

The next sunrises;
The front pushes
The water, with wind
And tidal surges,
Now from the south,
Warming our faces,
Threatening burn.

Then, a calm day glows;
The water nearly
A mirror at dawn;
Clear water laps at
The shore, havingP1030819
Deposited piles
Of cold seaweed.

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Rhythm and Roots Festival, 2015

P1030712Summer music festivals have become staples of the sunny-season over the past few decades.  The grand-daddies of this style of musical event may have started back in 1934 with the Tanlgewood (classical) music festival.  The Newport Jazz Festival followed in 1954, then the Newport Folk Festival in 1959.    Now, hundreds of music festivals run from Spring to Fall Equinoxes, dozens in every genre of music.  For Labor Day weekend, we have travelled to Ninigrit State Park in Rhode Island for the Rhythm and Roots Festival. Continue reading

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