Dept. of Alternative Facts: Bleeding Hearts

For the past six-months, my blog has hosted a banner photo from the Women’s March held in January in Washington, D.C.  I have run this series of Dept. of Alternative Facts, highlighting political questions and modeling a means of challenging our leaders.   Continue reading

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Poems: The Ocean in Every Shell

I have heard that with
every step we take,
we stir up the dust
of dinosaurs
decayed into their
mineral compositions. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Finding the Wild Life Outside the Wild Places

From my cousin’s inspiration, I have been more mindful on small walks around our forested home and gardens.  My regular readers have been enjoying the small discoveries of wild flowers, etc.  But, sometimes, we step outside our usual route and can discover just as many wild things in unexpected places.  We recently traveled to a family event.  Upon returning via plane and Metro to collect our car, parked in front of a friend’s home in Alexandria, VA, I came upon the following wild flowers: Queen Anne’s Lace, chicory, horse nettle, clover, and fleabane, all growing among a bed of yellow day lillies. Continue reading

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Poem: Empty Garden Seats

How picturesque
the garden seats,
benches and Adirondacks,
placed in charming locations
for walkers to smile at
as they stroll through
the neighborhood.

But, why are they always empty?
Have your even see them occupied,
with a neighbor greeting you,
welcoming you to sit,
converse, share a glass of wine,
enjoy the shade of a tree,
enjoy the breeze off the bay?

when have you met
the gardeners who
till the gorgeous
cottage flower beds
which we so enjoy
to pass by?

What would happen
should we stop,
sit, bring a bottle of wine,
to visit and share?
Would be welcome
Would we have crossed
a boundary of privacy?

Who occupies
those empty seats?

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Small Walk: To the Horse Barn

At my wife’s childhood home, the question is whether to walk to the horse barn or along the beach (which is really the Narragansett Bay).  On this afternoon, we chose the horse barn first.  This takes us through a New England beach-community neighborhood for a couple of miles. Continue reading

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Poem: Widely Scattered Showers

Widely scattereds showers,
predicted in panoramic view
across the bay
forming pillars, five across,
supporting the bridge of clouds
that span the sky

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Washington Monument and The Sky

Two views of the Washington Monument on the Mall in Washington, D.C. from two different visits and two different vantage points.  First, a couple of months ago, we toured a friend about the monuments and Tidal Basin.  As we passed under the Washington Monument, I noticed that the sun was high and casting a strong shadow.  I followed the shadow to its tip to look back as the sun shone over the monument.

Second, as we flew out from National Airport, the lift-off pattern took us north along the Potomac River.  We were on the right side of the plan to capture a view from the sky, back onto the Mall.  The sense of space was quite different from from the ground.  If you look at the shadow, sitting to the left, and extend it a few hours later, a little left of where the pathways loop onto each other, that is about where I stood for the first photo. Happy travels.

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