Advent Week 3: Blowform Journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem

Joseph and Mary, who was pledged to be his wife, lived in Nazareth.  The Roman census  required that each household register in their ancestral home.  For Joseph, this was Bethlehem.  The distance between the two towns is about 70 miles.  This might be an annoyance for us to drive an hour to fill out some government bureaucratic form for the sake of paying more taxes (no E-filing back then, and I bet they could not imagine passing a Roman budget with a trillion-dollar deficit… Nero would not be Emperor for another six or seven decades). Continue reading

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Dept. of Alterantive Facts: Lead

lead: (v), to show the way Continue reading

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Advent, Week 2: Blowform Road to Bethlehem

Mary and Joseph took up temporary lodging on their way to Bethlehem staying at a camp site in a pull-behind camper.  They enjoyed the picnic table for meals, but stayed away from the campfire (they are plastic, you know).  Meanwhile, the Shepherd moved his flock into the woods.  Temperatures got a bit chilly with light rain mid-week.


The rest of you, just stay there in the shop for now!

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Farm Life: A Little Greenhouse

For some years, the head garden designer here has wanted a greenhouse.  We have been starting seeds in windows in an east-side room.  But, this means dirt, etc. in the house.  A greenhouse would keep the garden implements and soil outside, and give us a jump on the season.  However, we did not want to invest a lot of expense into something that might not work well in our region.  This past Spring someone told us about a low cost greenhouse that he had purchased at a local hardward store.  A six-by-eight foot verson was on sale at a good price.  We brought the kit home with plans to assemble it over the summer between other garden tasks.  The first line of the instructions that caught my eye were “start with level ground” Continue reading

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One Bulb Short

The worst Christmas decorating experience, other than ending up one string of bulbs short to finish decorating the tree, is finding that half of the last string is out.  One-by-one, I tested “good” bulbs in sockets until I found the dead-bulb… of course the second to last bulb on the string.  Back to decorating….

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Advent, Week 1: Blowform Nativity

Holiday light displays.  We all know that block which goes all out to put up light shows, yard figures, maybe even a “live nativity scene” (there was one out our way which had a live camel, but they seemed to pick the coldest days of the year to stand outside waving at passing cars).  More recently, we have noticed fan-blow up figures on people’s lawns and houses.  Sadly, on a cold nights, the fans are rather slow, leaving Santa looking like he has been on a bender and Frosty looking toasted from too much holiday punch.  Some years ago, after Christmas, I went on-line to determine what the old-fashioned plastic figures were: Blowforms (and for you Made-In-The USA folks, they are made in Norfolk, VA!). Continue reading

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Dept. of Alternative Facts: Give

give: (v) to present voluntarily without expectation for compensation Continue reading

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