Dept. of Alternative Facts: Hearing

hearing (v) the act of listening; (n) a meeting in which a members of a group or committee ask questions, listens to witnesses, and review information related to the topic of the meeting Continue reading

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Farm Life: More Bird’s Houses

So that you will not think that I only write about serious topics, here are a few more bird houses that we have acquired and mounted this year.  We found these bird-bird houses in the Lancaster, PA region.  Amish family-run workshops produce them for us tourists (they use gourds, themselves).  Of course, the birds have a sense of humor too.  We believe that a bluebird has taken up residence in the Oriole Birdhouse, and a rufuos-sided towhee has made nest in the wineberry bushes under the Bluebird Birdhouse.  The Woodpecker Birdhouse is open at present. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Three Mousekateer’s

No, this is not about Disney does farming in the 1950’s.  Farms, especially barns, attract rodents.  Just too much good eats to stay away, and lots of hiding places for homes.  Rodents tend to live in boom-bust cycles, with this year being a boom year.  Thus, farms need barn cats.  Consider the other option: snakes or poison.  Not a good idea to put out something that kills rodents where other animals live.  That leaves snakes.  We’re having a boom year for them too.  Fortunately, no venomous snakes in sight. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Birds Like A Room with A View Too


While we were remodeling our guest room into A Room with A View, two bird families took up nests in hanging flower baskets.  The Pine Siskins in the photographs nested off the deck.  The House Wrens preferred the porch (no photos of the nest as it is hidden in the orange begonias.)


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Farm Life: A Room With A View

Homes change over time.  Our lives, interests, needs change over time.  We began building our cabin in West Virginia 25 years ago.  We took a couple of years to complete the preliminary projects: walls around the bathrooms, a basic kitchen, floors, etc.  We moved here 15 years ago, with another round of projects to finish the kitchen cabinets, establish a master bedroom, etc.  Our original plans anticipated having enough rooms and beds for family visits, as few motels or other lodging exist nearby.  We had a Spa Room built around a hot-tub, wanting to relax after a day of mountain activity. Continue reading

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Farm Life: Farmer’s Day Out… Flower Market

We have been busy getting ready for Spring planting, remodeling, and upcoming family visits.  But, even farmers need a day off now and then.  We took the first Saturday of May off to head to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. for “Cathedral Days, All Hallows Guid, Flower Mart”.

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Farm Life: What to do with 13 Gourds (We did not plant)?

Every year, something which we did not plant sprouts and grows in our garden.  If we cannot identify it, we are tolerant to watch what it develops into.  Most of the time, these are squash of various sorts, zucchini to pumpkins, from seed which the ducks and goats missed.  A half a dozen years ago, the plants were currant tomatoes from a failed experiment at growing them in hanging baskets.  We now have a dedicated section of the garden in which they sprout every year.  Last year, the mystery plant turned out be gourds. Continue reading

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