Poem: Painterly Poetry

P1070620The poet and the painter,
etching memories
with each one’s imagination.

The poet uses brush strokes
of words which
Create images on paper.

The painter describes
a place and time
Indescribable unless seen.

The poet sees the ideas
beyond the scenery,
Directing our eye to look deeply.

P1070626The painter realizes
the drama to capture
The moment of action glanced.

The poet challenges us
to expand our vision
Of language, extraordinarily.

The painter challenges us
to read further than sight
To watch, attentively.

The painter and the poet,
put to paper two hands,
Reaching, grasping, touching us.

P1070637 P1070638

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Poem: The Physics of A Wave

The mass of waterP1070591
moves mid-ocean,
Not measured in meters
of height or depth,
but, volume –
atom upon atom of
H2O in solution
with Na and Ca,
Each pushing the other
while pulled by
Gravitational force of
moon and sun,
Not perceived by us
until we observe
P1070568The distant swell,
building into a wave,
until those stacked
Molecules tumble
over each other with
The physics of competing
inertia — the water in
Motion, and cliffs
at rest — surf
Crashing teal, turquoise,
sea-foam green,
In the beauty
of natural laws.

P1070537 P1070575

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Poem: Cottage Garden

The cottage needs no dye lot,P1070472
for the flowers that
Border its hem.

The lilies stack
bud over blooms
In mid-summer shades.

Or, open but for a day
in yellow and orange,
Fading in the evening shade.

The sun reflects the goldenP1070477
threads of petals,
Embroidered on green.

Shadows contrast the colors,
drawing eyes like
Pollinators flying for nectar.

But, before the mid-day light
shines over-head,
Morning dew beads and sparkles.

Stroll a path, perennial,
in the cottage garden.
Sit, reflective of the scenery.

P1070476 P1070488

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Poem: Against the Surf

A summer’s dayP1070402
at the beach:
We face the sand
and surf, rolling,
in a variety of crystalline
whites and marine blues,
Each surface reflecting
fragments of the other,
In layers of sand, stone,
building and cresting waves,
Pastelled sky with clouds.

But, should we turn,P1070394
we would see the greens
And grays that
hold the oceans in
Their tureens.
Cliffs of rock etched
by tides, and
Dunes hold tight
by roots of grasses,
Or, weathered trees
or, roses clinging
To the mud from
brackish ponds.P1070443

Without these walls
and marshes,
The sea would invade,
pulling our homes
To Atlantis’ depths.



P1070424 P1070440

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Poem: Shells Collecting, After the Storm

P1070404“So many shells
on the beach –
Unusual for summer”

“The hurricane
churned them up”

We walked on
past parallel
Rows of high
and low tide
Deposits of sand,P1070413
rocks and shells.

The Bay’s cauldron
had boiled over,
With the storm,
dislodging and
Exposing shells –
usually hidden
For the season.

P1070419 P1070425

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Farm Life: Rusted, Busted, Never Dusted

P1070361In the country, nearly everything can be re-purposed.  Organic matter can go into the compost pile, if not fed to some critter in the barn.  Items that can burn, usually go into some type of incinorator (though with some fire and air polution hazard).  Recyclable items require some effort to transport to a location where they can be added to that re-use stream.  Trash can either be hauled away or driven to the dump, though that requires some expense for gas money.  More often, items end up in a pile to the side of the property, awaiting some other use.  We have found more than one re-purposing of various rusted and busted containers around the garden.  Little ends up in the dust bin. Continue reading

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Liberty’s Leisure Lost

Fourth of July. A day to reflect on our liberty to do as we please. We fill most of the day with picnics, sports, and fireworks, with little reflection on the events which the day commemorates, other than singing the national anthem for a minute of patriotism. Leisure. The time we do what we want. Freetime. Time to read, watch TV or a movie, visit with family and friends, directly or on social media, work on crafts or art, participate or watch sports, work in the garden, exercise, walk in the woods, go camping. So many types of leisure our prosperous and free society allows us. This looks like a good place for a poll. But when think about those craft, we have lots of choices of where to purchase our supplies, Micheals, Ben Franklins, Joanne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby. Hey, Hobby Lobby, that reminds me of one leisure activity that every honest person would admit to, but not put on a list: sex. Oh, come on, when we have a day free doesn’t a little flirtation, romance, or maybe even the wango-bango cross our mind to do? TMI Alert: This blogs contains discussion of birth control and has a bit of sarcasm in it. Have your wits about you, or just skip the text and fill out the pole Continue reading

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